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Gradient Sense:

  • Description: Simple, casual game where you quickly choose the lightest or darkest color out of the group of colors. Test your reaction and your color recognition skills and compete with others on the leaderboards!
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Corona Treat - Watt Density:

  • Description: This app gives you a practical solution for calculating watt density for a corona treater from your phone or tablet. In addition, there is a wealth of information on how corona treaters work and how to troubleshoot.
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Roll Length:

  • Description: Roll length is a calculator that enables the user to enter values in any three of the four following fields: Roll OD, Core OD, Thickness, Length and calculate the remaining fourth unknown value. The following units of measure can be selected: inches, feet, millimeters, centimeters, meters, microns, gauge, mils.

    This powerful calculator goes a step further and allows the user to enter actual measured values in all four fields and create a correction factor that can be designated as Product A, B, C or D. This correction factor can be assigned to a new calculation and is useful for thin films where the surface roughness is sufficient to create an air gap between the wound in layers in a roll. The correction factor can be ignored in most situations and the user selects Universal for a factor of 1.0 for no correction.
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